Site Audit Tools for SEO Agencies

Best 10 Site Audit Tools for SEO Agencies In 2021

Today, businesses invest extensively in digital marketing and social media to increase brand exposure and sell products online.

Several companies are recruiting their marketing teams, and some are hiring SEO agencies, SEO consultants, and freelancers to promote and do their online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in popularizing the websites in major search engines and getting ranking positions for the target keywords and even landing pages.

Generally, we will start running SEO for a website by doing an SEO audit initially. SEO auditing is time-consuming, and we have to analyze all the website pages with several technical tools.P1 an SEO agency in Australia, is the best in providing site audits so that you can rank well on search engines ranking learn more about P1 Australia at

We can find numerous SEO audit tools that SEO agencies can use to audit and analyze the given site to figure out all the affected areas. We have to make a detailed Audit report with all recommendations to the website to improve search results and rankings.

Here are ten trusted SEO Audit tools that can work well for you in 2021.

1. Screaming Frog

Ask any SEO agency if they’ve heard of Screaming Frog, and you’ll instantly get a “yes” as their answer. This website crawler tool helps detect SEO issues on a website, such as broken links and unoptimized Meta. Screaming Frog won’t fail you if you need a quick tool for analyzing small and large websites.

Screaming Frog works best for Quick Analysis for Large Websites (up to 500 URLs), and Comprehensive Report on Website Issues

2. Website Auditor from

On-page data, technical SEO, and reporting in one – this is the power of Link-Assistant’s Website Auditor.  SEO audits often involve a thorough sweep of websites to get as much intel as possible for their performance. The audit itself can get taxing if you’re using multiple tools.  Website Auditor makes it less exhausting for SEO agencies to gather data and compile them in a neat report. learn more about Website Auditor by clicking here

This tool works best for Site Structure Analysis, Data Visualizations, and Custom Reports.

3. DeepCrawl

When it comes to unveiling performance and technical issues, DeepCrawl is among the best tools a Smart SEO Agency can turn to.  This high-functioning, cloud-based web crawling tool can help you monitor the health of thousands of domains, enabling you to work on multiple websites for your clients. It also features automatic scheduling that runs crawls. That way, you can make the SEO audit process more automated.

This premium tool is best for Technical SEO, Website Crawling and Website Analytics.

4. SEOptimer

SEOptimer is among the best tools expert SEO agencies can leverage if a smart SEO audit is what you need. This website reporting and audit platform can give you comprehensive website audits that can take days to generate.

More so, SEOptimer has a forward-thinking crawling technology that reviews web pages on a website and identifies performance issues.

One of the highest points of this website audit tool is that you can embed the Site Audit Form on your website, so your visitors will receive a report with your brand on it.

This tool is best for Technical SEO, Keyword Research, Website Crawling, Website Analytics, and SEO Reporting.

5. SEOReseller SEO Audit Tool

Is SEO audit done in minutes? Don’t fret. The SEO Audit tool will help you do that without complications.  The comprehensive audit details a site’s health identifies the problems and presents recommendations for better rankings. Our SEO audit covers Usability, Security, Technical SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Paid Traffic data.  That’s not all—we have the SEO Audit Widget Tool that you can install on your webpages, so visitors will receive an SEO audit report whenever they land on your site. The best thing about this? It’s free.

This tool is best for On-page SEO, Technical SEO, Website Analytics, and SEO Reporting.

6. Raven tools

Raven tools is a splendid SEO audit software for SEO agencies to get quality reports with technical SEO issues and recommendations. This tool can get all the recommendations related to website page speed, design, backlinks, social …